Kinglake Ranges Foggy Mountain Festival
Performer Application 2018

Please check that you have given us your correct email address and phone no. For Support Material - we prefer a web link for images, videos and sound clips, but you can post a CD if you like. If you are accepted, we will request a hi-res image.
Date: 12,13,14 October 2018
Address: PO Box 120, Kinglake Vic 3763
Mark Pottenger
Mobile: 0427 411 157
Greg -,
David -

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*Please provide a short description of your act suitable for inclusion in the program booklet.
Can you provide an instructional workshop for adults and/or kids?

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Performers names and instruments *

Please list members details. If a very large group you do not need to list all at this stage.

To assist with programming please list members in your act that perform in other acts as well.
Fee and Time Availability

This your total fee for the festival. Your total fee should include all costs including workshops or multiple performance over the weekend.

The festival runs from 6pm Friday 12th October - Sunday 14th October.  Please advise times/days you are available to perform.
Advertising & promotional use *

Would you allow us to use material and festival recordings to assist with promotion and advertising of our community festival?
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